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AT-16 Soft fix Tape / 全新舒軟膠帶​

Product Feature
‧ Comfortable and Soft: The soft non-woven cloth can cleave your skin with elasticity. It's comfortable, and available on the joints to wrapping and fixing.
‧ High Ventilation: Coated by super-thin non-woven cloth and super-thin adhesive. The tape is distributed by spiracles to ventilate.
‧ Easy to Rip: It's distributed by cutting point every 5 cm, so that It can promote the efficiency of surgically wrapping and fixing.
‧ Low Irritable: Made by low-irritable Acrylic Based. Comfortable and won't irritate your skin.
‧ High Adhesion: Designed for medical treatment. Available for wrapping and fixing.
‧ Economical: Reasonable price.
‧ Guaranteed Quality: Guaranteed by TUV, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, CE Mark and GMP.

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‧ To Wrap on Dressing: Available for wrapping normal dressing and fixing.
‧ To Fix the Cotton Spacer and the Dressing: Available for wrapping or fixing normal cotton spacer and the dressing.
‧ To Fix the Syringe Needle of the Intravenous Drip: Available for fixing normal syringe needle and infusion tube.
‧ To Wrap and Stick: The most common tape for medical treatment.

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