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AT-24 Silicone Gel Sheeting / 全新矽膠片​

Product Feature
Airpore™ silicone gel sheet is an intentional item for improving and lightening the color of the old or new scarred areas as well as for improving the hypertrophic scar and keloids scars. It is made of thin and pliable polyurethane, PU elastic non-woven backing covered with the soft silicone.

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Silicone Gel Sheet is a self-adhesion gel sheet. It could improve the red, dark or raised scars. It is painless and comfortable while applying or removing.
It is durable, flexible, comfortable and re-applicable.
It is suitable and safe to apply on children and adults.
It shuts the skin to hydrate the scar area. The moisture is locked into the skin around the scar, reducing the blood supply and deposit of collagen.
It will soften, flattens and fades the new or old scars.
It will reduce scarring and makes the scar tissue paler in color.

Always keep the scar area clean and hygiene then apply the silicone gel sheet.
No need to use on white scars.
Do not use ointments or creams under the gel sheet.
Do not apply too tightly.
Do not stretching the strip.
Please consult your doctor if a rush appears on the scar area or surrounding skin.
Store the remaining silicone gel sheet in a dry place

How to use:
Please wash your hands before use and then gently clean the scar and surrounding skin.
Cut the sheet to the demand sizes for the scarred area.
Peel the PE film and remove the silicone gel sheet.
If the scarred area is in an inefficient position you may wish to use any kind of CS surgical tape or CS PU dressing film to keep the silicone gel sheet in position.
It should apply to the scarred area for at least 4 – 12 hours per day. If possible should be applied for 24 hours.
And make sure you rinse the scarred area at least once a day. Dry the scarred area before applying the same patch of the silicone gel sheet again. 

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Treatment period:​

It depends on the size of the old or new scars. On average it takes around 2-4 months to see the effective of improvements. Older scar might take longer (from 1 year and upon) to examine the well improvement. Under normal conditions, should change every 3-7 days.

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