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AT-29 Silicone Net Wound Dressing / CS Airpore 矽膠網狀敷料

Product Feature
1.It is waterproof and comfortable and not easy to fall off。
2.Made by low-irritable hot melt adhesive Base. Comfortable and won't irritate your skin。
3.Transparent invisible affixed to the face ,It is not easy to notion。
4.Guaranteed by TUV, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, CE 

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A soft silicone dressing is a dressing coated with soft silicone as an adhesive or a wound contact layer. The intrinsic properties of soft silicone are such that these dressings may be removed without causing trauma to the wound or to the surrounding skin.

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Soft silicone dressings are suitable for almost all indications where it is important to prevent trauma to the wound and the surrounding skin and pain to the patient.

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1. Painless on Removal
2. It can remain on the wound area for 2 weeks. Long wear time and minimal patient trauma.
3. Transparent for observation during application and wear.
4. Maybe cut in demand size.

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