CHENSIN was founded in 1990, was professionally manufactured non-woven double sided tape, foam tape and all kinds of industrial tapes. CHENSIN observed the trends of bio-technology in 1995, then started to develop all kinds of surgical tapes in 1997. In Taiwan CHENSIN marketed by its private brand label named CS AirporeTM Surgical tape for hospitals and dispensaries and set up the equipments specially for producing 30 million surgical tapes per year. The capacity is enlarging annually. Now CHENSIN is also OEM for many chain stores around the world. Now it launches quality CS AirporeTM tape, which has gradually been promoted to different chain stores, pharmacies, and hospitals in Taiwan and also world wide. To fully supply the market and expand the export market, CHENSIN expanded its factory by purchasing one five-story building and adding gluing and rolling machines to specially engage in the local sale and export of CS AirporeTM tape.

CHENSIN also professionally manufactures Silicone Foam Dressing, Silicone Net Wound Dressing, Silicone Gel Sheeting for scar care and also Silicone tape for sensitive skin users. We manufacture high quality and durable SILICONE TAPE with perforated.


CHENSIN SURGICAL TAPE as named as medical tape. It is a tape of pressure-sensitive tape. It is used in medicine and first aid to hold a bandage or other dressing onto a wound. CHENSIN Tape is coated with hypoallergenic adhesive. They are also allowing air to reach the skin.

1990 - Non-Woven Double Side Tape

1991 - Porous Coated Tape

1992 - P.S.A Tape, PVC Tape, Non-Woven Double Side Tape and Pressure ensitive Tape

1993 - Home Tape, EVA Tape

1995 - Solar Window Film, Car Decoration Tape

1996 - Surgical Tape

1997 - Double Sided Polyester Tape

1998 - Double Tape Of High Adhesive

1999 - Conductive Aluminum Foil Tape, Masking Tape, Surgical Non-Woven Tape

2000 - Conductive Non Base Tape , EMI Sheilding Tape , Conductive Fabric Tape

2001 - Surgical Tape, Sports Tape

2002 - New rented factory (around 13,222.8 square meter) in Sansia Township, PU Water-Proof Tape, Surgical Adhesive Swab

2002 - Guaranteed by RW TUV ISO 9001

2003 - Guaranteed by medical appliances manufacturer of GMP

2004 - The factory in Shulin City established the clean room to manufacture for computer assembly-line-industries plants. TFT-LCD,

Industrial Glass Substrate Protective Tape. Guaranteed bySBIR excellent company, applied for the patent right of dressing and membrane tape

2005 - Obtain the patent right of dressing and membrane tape (New M256748)

2007 - Guaranteed by TUV Rheinland ISO 13485 , Hydrocolloid Dressing

2010 - Guaranteed by DNV Rheinland ISO 13485

2011 - Silicone Tape(PU)

2012 - Silicone Tape(easy tear) , Silicone Foam Wound Dressing , Silicone Net Wound Dressing

2013 - Silicone Tape(Porous & easy tear)

2014 - Conductive tape (Water Type)

Safety and comfortable Environment / 安全舒適

Reliability Quality / 品質第一

Innovation and Technology Development for Continuous Improvement. / 精益求精

Outstanding Quality to Satisfy Customers. / 客戶滿意


Head Office No.7,Ln.33,Dapu Rd, SanXia Dist, New Taipei City, Taiwan

Plant No.7,Ln.33,Dapu Rd, SanXia Dist, New Taipei City, Taiwan

Tel 886-2-8671-5371 ~5

Fax 886-2-8671-9672

E-mail sales@airpore.com.tw

Established 1990

Capital NTD75 million (USD2.5 millions)

President Andy Tsai